Beveled Mirrors
Beveled edges are a common aesthetic nicety added to window panes and mirrors. They add an elegant finish and warmth to any room. We carry these types of mirrors in store or custom orders are always accepted.
Flat 5mm Polished Edge
For an added effect to any room we recommend the flat 5mm polished edge mirror. Sleek and beautiful this type of mirror is low profile and less likely to shatter or chip. This type of mirror can be glued directly to the wall or to tiles by using adhesive or silicon.
Custom Framed
Choose from a wide variety of custom frames to coordinate your mirror with decor colours. Find our custom framed mirrors in popular sizes, or select any custom size and pick from many different frames.
Mirrored Bifold & Bypass Doors
A popular choice to add depth and dimension to a room. One of the biggest advantages to this type of closet door is the effect that they can have on the appearance of the room. As with wall mirrors, mirrored closet doors can make a room appear larger.
We carry only the finest quality custom frames. Our frames are well-designed in many different styles from current to classic. Drop by our showroom to see more ideas and inspiration. To browse ideas of custom frames visit our suppliers website at: www.larsonjuhl.com.